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22nd September 2017

Seen nanny today she was and is the best one I have seen. She makes you at ease and the work she does is professional. I was naughty and she made me pay, I was took out of my nappy and she put me over her knee and spanked my bottom so hard 3 hours later my bottom is still sore. Then I was put in the high chair, fed and then had my milk out of the bottle and then she put me in the cot. All I can say is DONT JUST THINK ABOUT GOING TO SEE HER, GO AND SEE HER. You will not be disappointed one bit, I will go again and again.   -dave

11th August 2017

I have only been to this Nursery to meet Lucinda just the once. In October 2015. On the day I met her. And on the day she took me to the place. Lucinda showed me the Dungeon and the Nursery. And as soon as we got started. First she started undressing me. Then my Nappy went on. Then she took me to the Kitchen and she gave me a couple of drinkes in her arms. After that. She took me back to the Nursery. And she let me play in there with the Toy Train. And doing the sounds. After that. She put me in the High Chair while feeding me. It was porridge. But first she had to cook it in the Microwave. Them she came back to me while feeding me. But as I eventually tryed to refuse to eat it. She said to me. Are you been Naughty? And she gave me a light smack across the face. After that. She went to the Bathroom and ran me a Bath. And as soon as she she got me out of the High Chair. She told me to Cwarl on the floor and into the Bathroom. And as soon as I was in the Bath. She started washing me all over. Including my hair. But when I said no Nanny I can do it myself. She slapped my Wet Bottom lightly and shouted don't be cheeky. And when it was time to get out. She eventually dryed me. And she put her Dressing gown on me as it was so cold that day. And then she took me back to the Nursery. And this time she put my Pyjamas on. And put me in the cot. And she read me a Bed time Story. And after that. It was time for me to go to sleep. But first she played some Baby Music before I went to sleep. So I had a sleep for a little while. But she did tell me off of waking up. But I did say sorry to her. And after my sleep. I was out of the cot. And it was time for me to leave. And when Lucinda dropped me off at the Train station. And she let me kiss her Goodbye. But I didn't go Home straight away as I looked around the Shops for the mean time. The End!   -Marc

18th April 2017

Ooooh dear.
I promised Nanny I would write this three months ago, and haven't! Nanny will spank my little botty blue next time I see Her!
My name is Mellisa, and I'm 3 years old (when I am not visiting Nanny I am a 40 year old boy called Matt!)
When I arrived at Nanny's Nursery I was hoping She would make me Her Maid, but She had different ideas and told me I was going to be a Little Girl called Mellisa! I didn't like that idea, but Nanny is VERY firm, and I was given spankings and made to stand in the corner, hands on head, until I accepted.
Nanny dressed me in a beautiful little dress, cute little booties a sweet bonnet, and of course a lovely nappy. Because I still didn't like what was happening to me, Nanny put Bondage Mittens on my hands to control me, and because I was whining, She gagged me with Her special dummy-gag!
No more whining!
Nanny was kind to me though, and gave me a little friend, a cuddly fox called Fred! Fred looked after me! Nanny decided it was time for Mellisa's lunch because I was hungry after my long journey on the Big Train. Nanny has a high Chair and strapped me into it, and fed me lovely warm porridge and choccy buttons!
I was starting to enjoy being Mellisa, although after I'd been fed, Nanny gagged me again, just in case!
Nanny took me to her sofa to bottle-feed me some lovely milk. It was very nice and me and Fred were very comfy and both dozed off in Nanny's arms! Nanny is strict and firm with bad babies, but loving with them when they learn their place. After my milk I was allowed to do some colouring-in, and coloured some fishies! I was gagged again, though. Nanny likes her peace and quiet! Fred helped me colour-in. After that Nanny thought it was time for a proper sleep for this Little One, so took me to the Nursery where there was a cot, and lots of other furry friends for me and Fred. Nanny strapped me in, just in case I fell out and banged myself, and then read me a Story, the Tin Soldier, which was happy and sad together. Then Nanny left me to have a good sleep and I drifted off...
I didn't really want to be Matt again, but Nanny said I had to, and that Mellisa would be a part of me now, and I could come to the Nursery any time! I got to take Fred home to remind me of being with Nanny and we still chat to each other about our lovely day.
Thank you, Nanny Lucinda, Mellisa had a very special day!

Just a quick note about how helpful Mistress Lucinda is. She very kindly picks Her Subs and Slaves up from the Train Station, which takes a lot of stress out of it, especially for first-timers, like me. Mistress was even more helpful with me, because I missed the stop! Mistress drove to the next station to pick me up. Thank You for that!

17th October 2015

I visited mistress Lucinda today for a session in adult baby play in her new nursery. What followed was 3 hrs of total joy. Mistress asked my likes before we started and then followed best time i've ever had. Frilly dress,nappy changes,feeding,restraint,punishment,cot,high chair. If you are thinking of visiting GO don't be shy.
Many thanks mistress can't wait till next time.   -adrian

18th June 2015

I was so nervous before visiting Nanny Lucinda for a session but i need not have worried. Nanny was both strict and nurturing as she dressed me, nappied me (with a few nasty surprises) and put me to sleep in her adult sized cot. I had such an amazing time i could have stayed in her cot all day! I'd recommend any other AB's to visit in a heartbeat, thank you Nanny and i cant wait to visit again.   -S