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About Shropshire, West Midlands Mistress Lucinda.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Mistress Lucinda is moving at the end of November 2018. More details are on the News page.

At 6ft 2 in Her stockinged feet Mistress Lucinda is truly a sight to behold. Her domineering presence and Amazonian physique combined with Her sharp wit and keen intellect, refined during Her studies at Cambridge University, ensure that any submissive or slave brought before Her is put firmly in their rightful place...... at Her feet!

Cultured, articulate and authoritative, She has indeed found Her vocation as a professional Mistress and is highly experienced in all aspects of domination. Mistress enjoys, and caters for, an extensive range of BDSM activities in Her Telford studio, with custom built dungeon equipment and facilities. (See Sessions and Equipment pages for further details).
Now available: Double-Domme sessions with Mistress Sophia and Master/Mistress sessions with Master Kush. Mistress Lucinda is also now offering cuckolding services.
Mistress Lucinda
Mistress enjoys immersing Herself in a number of role play scenarios, predominantly involving: latex/leather, school room, police/caging, domestic servitude and medical. If you have a particular scenario you would like Mistress to consider, then that may be possible; however She will not work to your script. All submissives must remember who is in charge..and please note, She loves to push a sub to their limit!!
That said, She similarly relishes leading the newcomer slowly up the path seldom trod and is particularly adept at dealing with nervous novices. She is, however, equally able to challenge the more experienced submissives and slaves who require more severe training and punishment.

Mistress Lucinda

Alongside Her fetish interests, Mistress has been developing the wrestler within Her and, after some initial training at Pippa L'Vinn's studio in Manchester, Mistress can now fully demonstrate Her physical strength in overpowering men. Mistress offers non-competitive and fantasy wrestling for those who wish to experience the awesome power of Her thighs and biceps as She puts you into headlocks, leg scissors, Boston Crab, pins etc. and bends you every which way....
Mistress also holds more Amazon related sessions for those who wish to admire Her muscular body, lift and carry (up to 13 stone), height comparison etc. (see here).

Mistress Lucinda is very bisexual and therefore equally welcomes female and male submissives and slaves as well as TVs, TGs and TS's.

Inexperienced Dommes, Dom/sub or sub/sub couples who wish to further their experience are also welcome for joint or individual sessions (see Advice /Training sessions).

All limits will be respected and all activities carried out with the strictest of hygiene standards and must be safe, sane and consensual. All dealings with Mistress are to be respectful and no time wasters will be tolerated. I will NOT be topped from the bottom but I WILL listen. You may also wish to visit My Testimonials page.

Mistress is often asked if She would kindly accept gifts from those submissives who wish to spoil Her as She deserves. In addition to BDSM items that She may desire, Mistress also always appreciates good quality fully fashioned black stockings which can be purchased from, Mistress favours all types of Gio, Cervin and Eleganti stockings but please ensure they will fit a goddess of 6ft 2!
Mistress also loves to pamper Herself with beauty products by Elemis, perfumes by Caroline Herrera and Chanel, luxury chocolates, a nice Chablis, roses and lilies.