Adult Baby Nursery

Nanny Lucinda welcomes Adult babies and Diaper Lovers (ABDL) to Her beautiful, well equipped and discreetly situated Nursery in Telford, West Midlands.
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Regress and immerse yourself in Her world where good babies are rewarded and naughty ones are punished, where your individual needs will be listened to and your time with Nanny is tailored to you, whether you wish to be treated as a baby, toddler, small boy / girl or simply a lover of diapers.
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Rest assured, however, that Nanny, as an ex teacher, stands for no nonsense from silly, badly behaved or spoilt babies as She is also a lifestyle Mistress and disciplinarian. She has an exceptional dungeon on hand with plenty of paddles, straps, cage etc for those needing a firmer hand.

Don't worry, though, as good babies will see a nicer side of Nanny and slight misdemeanours might only require being put over Nanny's knee for a spanking on the botty, being given Corner time or left in wet nappies.
suitably clothed

On arrival you will be stripped of all vestiges of adulthood and Nanny will help find you some clothing more suitable for a baby's needs. Nanny has a wide selection of sissy dressies, frillies, plastic pants, lockable mittens and bootees, bonnets, wigs and of course, nappies, depending on your requirements.
The rest of your time together with Nanny will have been discussed prior to your visit but can include a variation of any of the following:
Play Time

Play can be an important part of your regression as it is your opportunity to truly express yourself creatively. Nanny has a wide range of toys suitable for a variety of ages including: teddies, rattles, educational toys, colouring books and Lego. Well behaved boys and girls may even be allowed to help Nanny in the kitchen baking and decorating cookies or cupcakes.
Play time
Bath Time

Bath time with Nanny can be a lovely experience as She draws you a warm bubble bath and gently soaps you all over with a soft sponge whilst you play with your rubber duckie... Only baby friendly products will be used so as not to sting your little eyes! Naughty babies do not see this side of Nanny however. For them, it is a cold bath, a stiff bristle bath brush and coal tar soap for a sound scrubbing.
Bath time
Feeding Time

Ready for your bottle or baby food, you will have either a pretty frilly satin bib, or thick waterproof bib for messier eaters. Nanny can provide nicely warmed milk for your bottle, with the option of adult sized NuK teats. Will you be a good baby and drink up all your milk or will Nanny need to set up one of Her devilish devices to enforce your bottle feeding? For older babies or toddlers Nanny is happy to spoon feed or provide juice in training cups and finger food treats and snacks.

Nappy Changing Time

Inevitably it will be time to change baby's nappy on Nanny's adult sized changing mat. Nanny is always stocked up on a range of nappies, nappy creams, lotions and talc to ensure baby's botty is clean and fresh. You may of course bring your own if you prefer.
Some babies or diaper lovers choose a more messy experience and bring out Nanny's mischievous side. She may add combinations of custard, cakes, mashed banana or other sloppy substances to your nappy. Once baby has on his/her snugly fitting nappy then plastic pants and frilly knickers can be added if so desired. Please note Nanny does not allow nappies soiled by baby.


Safely tucked into Nanny's custom made AB cot, wriggling babies can be harnessed or restrained and then soothed by the lullaby playing on the cot mobile. NuK5 adult sized dummies are available as are more harsh dummy gags for whingeing babies. Peaceful and relaxed you can now drift off as Nanny reads you a bedtime story whilst she sits in Her rocking chair. Baby Heaven!

Baby playmate

Nanny also now has the beautiful Sophia available to be your AB playmate or big sister. Sophia is petite, particularly in contrast to Mistress Lucinda, and although she can be very cute, she has a naughty and feisty side that requires the occasional smacked bottom! In addition to playing with Nanny's toys (the bricks and puppets are her favourites!) she also enjoys sharing nap time in the cot, bath times, bottles, feeding and nappy changes.

In the cot
High chair
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Now all that you need to decide is when you would like to come and visit with Nanny and for how long. Nanny does accommodate long and overnight stays. Please contact Nanny direct for further details at, or on telephone number.

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