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Double-Dom/me Sessions
Mistress Lucinda with Mistress Sophia
Mistress Lucinda now offers double-domme sessions with Mistress Sophia and Master/Mistress sessions with Master Kush. This is a unique opportunity to serve two dominants at once.

Enter the dungeon, prostrate yourself at Our feet and experience the full force of Our dominance.
Two pairs of feet to worship or be trampled by. Two pairs of strong hands seeking new ways to torment.
Or be led into the medical room by two nurses or a doctor and nurse, then restrained onto the medical table or into the gynaecological chair and be subjected to any number of medical treatments or scenarios.
Kush 1
Alternatively you could be made to serve Us in a domestic environment, on your knees as we smoke, drink coffee and chat.
There are limitless combinations of outcomes, role plays, punishments and humiliations We could inflict upon you at Our will.
When We are finished with you, you won't know which way is up!!!

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