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The Medical Room
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Mistress possesses a dedicated medical room in which She carries out medical sessions.
getting ready gynaecological chair
Medical Sessions may involve some of the following:
Catheters, leg bags, enemas.

Urethral dilation /sounds.

Anal training/ stretching/ speculum examination, inflatable plugs.

Dental examination/gags/picks.
Electrics including: plugs, wand, glove, pinwheel and pads.

Needle play, stapling.

Prostate milking/massage, vacuum pump.

Breath control/ breath play / re-breather hood.

Shaving and waxing of genitals/hair.
All activities are carried out to the highest standards of health and hygiene and with safety paramount. Mistress or Matron! has a full range of medical equipment and with Her medical screens, medical couch and hospital gowns She can provide a truly authentic medical scenario.
medical bench
medical tray
medical cabinet