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Sophia is a petite, kinky, versatile and feisty lady with a great deal of class. She has a keen interest in BDSM that she has been exploring for a few years and now wishes to develop this further. She is extremely open minded and is naturally very gifted in all forms of role-play, including Adult baby, BDSM and medical scenarios.

A testimonial for Sophia can be read here.
Sophia sub1

In her submissive role, Sophia is available to be dominated by Mistress Lucinda alongside another sub.
She particularly enjoys school room scenarios in the role of a naughty school girl!!
Note that Mistress Lucinda will be present at all times.
In some cases Sophia may consider some light domination from another, but limits must be agreed beforehand.
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Sophia dom1
Mistress Sophia is available for double domme appointments alongside Mistress Lucinda.

She is not shy about inflicting pain and although short of stature, she is most certainly dominant when she has her Mistress head on!! Sophia especially enjoys assisting with maid training and smoking fetishes, however she has a broad interest in all things BDSM related and as a personal friend of Mistress Lucinda, there is an excellent rapport between the two Mistresses in these sessions.

Sophia dom2
Sophia nurse1
Sophia can also join in your medical scenario with Lucinda, either as assistant/surgeon, nurse etc adding a further degree of realism to your medical examination or procedure.
Amazon/Comparison sessions

Height comparison
For those interested in Amazon/Comparison or Wrestling sessions, witnessing or being part of a session with these two strikingly different ladies is surely a unique experience. Petite Sophia shows just how tall Mistress Lucinda is!

At 4ft 11 in height she is towered over by 6ft 2 Mistress Lucinda. When Lucinda wears high heels, even on tiptoe, Sophia is only level with Lucinda's chest!

A truly different type of session for anyone who wishes to try something new..imagine being trampled on by two women that are polar opposites..Sophia's delicate size 3's versus Lucinda's magnificent size 9's...explore and celebrate our differences.
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