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Wrestling Sessions

After many requests from Her Amazon enthusiasts, Mistress began wrestling 2 years ago. Her initial training was with the powerful Pippa L'Vinn. Since then She has gone from strength to strength, developing Her physique as well as Her technique! Mistress is a natural dominant and therefore only permits non-competitive and fantasy wrestling. You will not be permitted to grapple or put your hands on Her; however you MAY pathetically attempt to get out of Her vice-like grips and holds.

Experience the awesome strength of Her muscular thighs as She inflicts the head and body scissors with a crushing grip, leaving you choking for breath. She will twist and bend you until you suffer the inevitable humiliation of begging for mercy or tapping out your submission.

Mistress offers sessions either in a matted area at Her premises or at Pippa's Wrestling studio in Manchester, where there is a full scale wrestling ring available. Dependent on your location, Mistress may even be able to bring Her mats to you on an outcall basis.
Further wrestling pictures can be seen in the galleries. A short clip of Me demonstrating My scissors hold can be seen on My YouTube channel.
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